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SNS Inc. has developed a big data-based ENERGYMENT platform for data mining, a core competency in the supply of eco-friendly thermal energy.

ENERGYMENT Operations Management (over 60 sites in 8 countries distributed individual management)

Helps manage energy costs and improve productivity by optimizing energy purchasing methods, usage, and when to use them
through effective analytics, decision-making tools, reports, and dashboards

  • Data Collection


  • Sensor/measuring points

    6 pieces / 15 pieces

  • Algorithm points


  • Checking manufacturing site

    checking calorific value /
    hot water /
    greenhouse gas reduction amount
    energy usage in real time

ENERGYMENT Analysis Processing Algorithm

A total of 16 detailed performance indicators were calculated by analyzing various production resource information. Four representative performance indicators were calculated by calculating weights of associated detailed performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators
Cost/Benefit KPIs
- Energy savings per ton
- Manufacturing process energy savings
- Return on investment (ROI)
- Sales volume of environment-friendly thermal energy
Production KPIs
- Heat recovered and heat output
- Reduction of greenhouse gas (CO2)
- Hot water supply in the manufacturing process
- Hot water usage in the manufacturing process
Efficiency KPIs
- 4 stage multi filter pre-treatment efficiency
- Heat exchange efficiency (thermal efficiency)
- waste water and clear water heat exchange efficiency
- ENERGYMENT platform comprehensive efficiency
Operation KPIs
- Utility utilization rate
- Sensor / instrument operation rate
- 4-stage multi-filter operation rate
- Heat exchanger facility utilization rate
Integrated 4 representative indicators → calculate individual site KPI


제조공정의 에너지공급량과 사용량 관리를 통해 비조업시간 친환경 열에너지 생산 설비의 불필요한 무부하 운전 차단으로 효율 최적화 실현

Balance Between Supply and Use of Recovered Heat Energy